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10 Current Resume Trends In 2020

10 Current Resume Trends In 2020-prathigna.com

2020-03-30      Comments : 0

Some of the trends that have gained prominence in 2020 and should help jobseekers make a better impression on recruiters, increasing their chances of being selected.

How should a resume look in 2020?
Customising your resume to a specific industry and career field is the best approach. A common resume you use for every job application no longer works for most recruiters to select a candidate. Nowadays, keyword specific or targeted resumes are both smarter and more positively received. By highlighting the skills that match the job criteria, your resume can immediately show that you are qualified for the job. This can get you better chances of being called for an interview.
In a survey by Manpower, one in five employers revealed that applicants don't have the appropriate technical skills or relevant experience required for the job. This further emphasizes the importance of highlighting the skills that you have, which are those relevant to the job position. This way, recruiters immediately see how the company can benefit from hiring you.

What are the things recruiters look for?

Social media presence
Social media as business advertising drives growth in revenue, similarly your personal social media is your brand, and hiring managers definitely take a look at it, and bring it into consideration. As part of a routine, most hiring managers now scan online social media pages of the applicants. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites make up your online identity and personal brand, so keeping a professional image online can give you some plus points when applying for a job.
Social media provides a glimpse into an applicant's personality beyond the resume. Your skills, expertise can be reflected from the content of your personal blogs. Other than those, though, questionable content or behavior is the first thing most employers or recruiters look for, ensuring that the applicant wouldn't be involved in several issues in the future that can risk the company's branding. Social media platforms also allow hiring managers to check if the information on an applicant's resume is consistent with the information posted online.

Quantifiable achievements and action oriented language
Choosing several action verbs can demonstrate your skills, all the while undermining the strength and effectiveness of your resume. The goal here is to deliver enough impact in a matter of seconds and to convince your reader that you are fit for the position. By using the key terms that the company uses to describe itself, you can denote that you will be capable of upholding the company's values.
Using numbers can also give recruiters a better grasp of your accomplishments. Numbers are often better indicators of impact, and it can show your results-oriented and hardworking personality.

Soft skills
In a study done by Career Builder, they found listening skills, emotional intelligence, and communication skills were some of the top qualities looked for, by employers. In your resume, adding some unique and worthwhile hobbies that can be relevant to the job position you are seeking makes you a better candidate.
• 77 percent of employers believe that soft skills are important.
• Some of the top qualities employers are looking for include listening skills, emotional intelligence, and communication skills.

Layout and design of resume
An Undercover Recruiter study reports that over 40% of recruiters are negatively impacted by too much design. So when developing an effective resume, you must take into considering the format as well. Choosing the right format can help in highlighting specific skills and experiences leading to a better delivery of your personal and professional story. With the right layout the recruiters knows which section to see first.

Here are the top trends in resume making in 2020. Following these should certainly help you in your jobs search:

1.Summary statement instead of objective
The resume objective has shifted from being a general declaration of intention, announcing what YOU want, to a summary statement that tells the company what value you offer TO them. Write one that shows the recruiter how you understand what they are looking for.

2.Highlight key skills
Your resume should include the key skills that the job role you're applying to requires, whether you place them at the top or in the mid-section of the layout. Match the keywords in the requirement so the recruiter can notice this right from the first.

3.Quantify your achievements
Any achievements that can be quantified in numbers will show the impact you made to your previous role in a better light. Like - reduced documentation errors by 40%, in charge of training for 5 people etc.

4.Latest work first
List your jobs in reverse chronology - your latest job should be mentioned first, going back to the first job.

5.Add volunteer work
Any volunteer services, extra activities you have participated in, add value to your resume as not only a good employee with transferrable skills, but also adds personality to your resume.

6.Tailor it to the field you're interested in
You should customise your resume for each job that you apply, featuring keywords and skills that this industry value highly, so that recruiters are more likely to select your resume, even if they have merely 10-20 seconds to scan your resume.

7.Break down into bullet points.
Best to break up paragraphs into bullet points to make it easy to read.

8.Highlight soft skills
While it is not easy to quantify soft skills, but most recruiters want a combination of hard skills and soft skills for the right candidate.

9.Don't forget to add your LinkedIn profile
This adds authenticity to your work experience and gives it a good branding.

10. Add interesting hobbies and interests
This is especially useful when you have some initiative for the public, have taken part in a great adventure like Himalayas or other activities that would increase your attractiveness.
So what now? Where do you make a resume like this?
Do you want to stand apart from the rest of your peers?
Gain an advantage with Visual Resume prathigna.com. Embrace creativity, make a good impression on anyone who reads your profile. To learn more on how you can make yourself a visual resume with prathigna.com, visit here.

With these trends fast making their presence felt all across the recruitment scene, you should be well prepared for any interview or job search you set out for!


1. What are the other skills recruiters look for in a resume?

A. Recruiters place a lot of importance on personality and emotional intelligence, which end up playing an even greater role in acquiring the right fit for the organisation. No longer is your job role restricted only to the educational qualifications but also the soft skills you bring to the job. When these are highlighted in a resume, the recruiter is more likely to be drawn to the profile. This is what sets you apart from the crowd.

2. What is the role of Social media in recruitment?

Social media is very important when recruiting, one can explore the availability of jobs, it has many benefits:
• Strengthens employer brand - it is vital a company preserve a strong, conducive image that should reflect confidence and healthy working climate.
• By being active on social platforms
- online forums, job fairs being advertised on many related websites, there are many methods to increase visibility of the company.

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