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6 Samples Of Resume Profiles For Jobseekers

6 Samples Of Resume Profiles For Jobseekers-prathigna.com

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A resume profile is a small section at the top of your resume that serves as a short-form cover letter.

A resume profile (professional profile or career profile) is a short summary of your skills, qualifications, and strengths related to the job profile. It includes your job title, years of experience, and highlights your achievements that fit the job role.
Show the recruiter you are well qualified for the job! Add a profile section to your to highlight your suitability and draw their attention to read the rest of your resume with interest.

So how do you do that? Read further to find out how:
In this article we have included tips on

  • Types of resume profiles and which one is best for you
  • An easy formula to writing a resume profile statement to wow
  • Resume profile samples for 9 top professions

Build a strong, smart Resume Profile
Most of us jobseekers confuse resume header and resume profile, a common mistake.

The difference with a Resume Header and Resume Profile is that a header is basically just your job title and contact information, whereas the Resume Profile is a short summary that contains your experience, 2-3 key achievements and why you are the right person for the job.

A resume profile works as a trailer for the rest of your resume, so make it snappy & sharp!
Your Resume Profile should contain the key highlights of your professional profile. A few tips to write one to make most impact:

  • Write your professional summary after you have composed the body of your resume, makes it easy to collate the important details.
  • Make it bullet points for easy reading, the first bullet point should describe your professional title and don't omit the number of years of experience. Make it bold.
  • Select 3-4 key parts of your resume and present them briefly but strongly. Tempt your potential employer into reading further.
  • To draw full attention include relevant keywords. Even better, try to quantify each achievement.
  • Make sure to refer to the requirement mentioned in the job offer

To elaborate on the tips mentioned above:
Mention what you bring to the job to a potential employer. A resume summary should never refer to what YOU want, rather what you BRING to the job, what value you would add to the company.

Refer to the job listing. Carefully go through the job listing and find the most important keywords. These are the terms that best describe the job position, related skills, as well as the ideal candidate they are looking for. Find a way to show how these intersect with your own skills and experiences and make the summary.

Highlight proven experience: Don't simply list your skills, clearly define your previous accomplishments. For example, there is impact in saying your articles were published in a prominent publication, rather than call yourself a skilled writer.
Structure it smartly: You may have been told elsewhere that it wasn't professional to use bullet points, but they are the right choice when you want to lay your text clearly without making it too long to read. The add order organically by delineated logical parts, while making it attractive to look into. Highlight your current job title.

Keep it short. Your resume profile is a summary - so it shouldn't be longer than 5 short sentences (or bullet points). Having a long summary defeats the point of having a resume summary in the first place.

6 Samples of Resume Profiles for CV
1.Project manager resume example
Accomplished and highly-organized Project Manager (PMP certified) with a Ph.D. in Chemistry and over 10 years of professional experience managing complex projects in the Pharmaceutical industry. Eager to join Petrochemicals Ltd to help define product roll-out strategy, track progress against goals, and manage execution projects. At Pharma Lts, delivered a $20M, four-year project modernizing back-end functionalities that saved 70% on international products on annual basis.

2.Marketing Manager resume Example
11+ years of experience in Hospitality and Hotel Management including experience in marketing, ecommerce, sales and executive management with uber national hospitality chains.
A key team member with strong leadership, managing teams across 4 major cities and 2 C-tier cities.
Trilingual with fluent verbal and written skills in Hindi, English and Marathi languages. Implemented new system for accountability and customer follow-up.

3.Service Delivery manager resume example
Dedicated service delivery manager with over 5 years of professional experience in large scale solutions provider. Eager to join Multisystems Pvt. to ensure clients are delivered customized solutions, identify sales opportunities, and provide exceptional service to customers.
  • Attained >90% positive customer ratings at Previous Co. Ltd Inc.
  • Maintained customer retention rate 20% above the average.
  • On-boarded and mentored 15+ new employees.

4.Senior Business Analyst Resume Example
10+ years of Business Analyst and IT Consultant experience with extensive experience with companies based in Europe. Master's Degree in Information Systems from the University of Economics in Sydney.
Working knowledge of banking and insurance products, marketing and business processes
Excellent moderator with management, users, developers and cross-functional team members.
Well-developed analytical and problem solving skills
Expertise in gathering, analyzing and documenting user stories, business and functional requirements and process flows.

5.Administrative Executive resume sample
Excellent Administrative skills with 6+ years experience including 3 years with a major healthcare provider. Skilled in Tally and Logistics. In hospital administration, boosted Maheu Medical's ROI with proven Admin skills. At Bolshei National, led smooth transition of 200+ employees to Windows 10, ensured all systems were industry compliant. Slashed security risk 57% and raised customer satisfaction 48%.

6. Account Executive resume sample
Passionate, customer-focused leader with a demonstrated history of 5+ years of sales and marketing experience in Solar Panel Implementation.
Currently employed as regional manager for large builder firm, handling businesses with process optimization and business management, sales and collection of dues. Looking to take on a role as an Account Manager for other construction related firms.

As is evident, the summary needs to contain all the key points the employer will be specifically looking for, as well as some of the candidate's most impressive achievements that demonstrate their real-life impact.


How do you write a resume profile?

Summarise why you are the right person for the job in 3-4 sentences, highlighting your best achievements (relevant to the job being applied to), your core strengths, and relate your experience to the keywords in the job description. This is the summary of your whole CV, it should be smart enough to make the recruiters want to see the rest of your profile.

What is a good objective for a resume?

An objective needs to be specific, just saying "administrator looking for a job in a challenging company" isn't a sufficient introduction a short summary of your skills, qualifications, and strengths related to the job profile. It includes your job title, years of experience, and highlights your achievements that fit the job role.

What is profile summary on resume?

The profile summary, or resume profile, as it is called is a summary at the top of the resume that contains all the key points the employer will be specifically looking for, as well as some of the candidate's most impressive achievements that demonstrate their real-life impact. It's a quick introduction with focus on why the applicant is apt for the job at hand. Best to make it 3-4 sentences long, with focus on relevant keywords and try to quantify each achievement.

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