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Create A Resume Online With Prathigna.com

Create a resume online with Prathigna | prathigna.com

2021-01-06      Comments : 0

Your resume is a bridge between you and the recruiter. So, its importance can never be underestimated. Your resume reaches the recruiter's hand much before than you do. Hence, to make an impact, it is very important that your resume stands out from the crowd first. It is up to you to get a quick but lasting impression on the recruiters by writing a resume from the professional resume writers.
Getting a perfect resume and choosing the right Resume Builder is essential for job-hunt success and to convince the recruiter that you're the one for the role.

prathigna.com helps to bring you the best to succeed in your job search. It is trusted by professionals that will help you to get hired at top companies. Our easy-to-use resume builder creates

Let's see how it works

1. Choose your Resume Template.
Prathigna.com has pre-written text examples for your industry. Hence, you can choose from our recruiter approved templates that formats automatically. You can upload your existing resume or choose one of ours.

2. Create a well-structured, clean and precise resume.
We help you to Level up your resume with our professional resume examples. Our resume writing tips make your resume stand out and impress recruiters.

3. Format, Download & Send
Our easy-to-use formatting tools gives a polished look to your resume, then you can download it in pdf or in any format you need.

Build your resume now

We give importance to the following sections
Recruiters look for specific information from each section of your resume. Giving significant value to these sections will help you to be noticed quickly.

1. Resume Summary
Your resume summary is an introduction of you in a quick and effective manner. Hence, we give a clear objective statement, and showcase your most relevant skills and strengths. We ensure it includes:
• Your relevant previous experiences
• Relevant core skill sets, and strengths
• Notable accomplishments

2. Skill Section
The important part of your resume that shows your employers that you have the abilities required to succeed in the particular role. It is based on your skill section that they make their decision. Our resume writers will list your top skills that are relevant to the job you're applying for by choosing skills listed right in the job ad or description.

We make your resume keyword-friendly, so that when it passes through application tracking system, you have the necessary skills for the role.

We help you improve the skill section of your resume by providing you with a list of examples to include on your resume. This will help you increase your chances of landing a job interview.

3. Work Experience
Many a time, to get a quick idea of your employment history, your employer will have a quick look on your work experience section first. So, this section will help you moving forward in the hiring process.

We highlight your necessary experience and skills, so that when the hiring manager goes through it, he will find what he's looking for. We ensure you stand out from other applicants by listing your results and accomplishments.
We do not include any fatal information such as your work experience from over 10 years ago or positions that are not related to the industry you're entering.
Prathigna.com resume builder gives you the option to choose the best suggestions for your experience section in your resume.

4. Education and Training
Your education and training can say what work experience can't. It tells employers exactly what kind of developed skills and accomplishments a job seeker has made within his previous industry. When previous work experience is more detailed than your educational experience, it gives a great impression as to the personality, determination and ability of the job candidate.
Prathigna.com resume builder helps you tackle your education by stressing more on your determination and ability to do the particular job.
We do not encourage you to list every single qualification to your name if you're new into your career.
If you're an experienced professional, then it's recommended to list only your most recent or weighty qualification, such as your degree.

Prathigna.com offers resume review to help you make sure your resume format doesn't include any fatal flaws. A recruiter receives large amount of resumes for a single job opening. In this circumstance, it is essential that you chose the right resume builder and make sure your resume is up to scratch because if you're not selling yourself on your resume, you can bet that the next candidate is.

Create your resume now

Let your resumes speak loud and Leave an Impact on Recruiters. Your Resume makes you unique by defining your individuality. Prathigna.com has come with an offer where job aspirants and really anyone who is looking to upgrade their resume can access various levels of resume templates. Create custom resumes for each job application, make it look impressive and leave a positive impact on anyone who sees it. With our resume development service, you get a professional attractive layout & enhanced resume.

To access this offer, simply upload your details on Prathigna.com.

You just have to enter your details on the Profile page and download your enhanced resume.

Complete your profile so you can see what your resume looks with a professional, smart layout!

Click here to register & access your profile page

You will get professionally edited resume designed taking current industry standards and trends into consideration, keywords & skills highlighted to catch the attention of recruiters. Concise yet accurate content to convey maximum possible information using minimal words. Enjoy the added privilege of being a featured profile on job portals & many other benefits. Get a Smart Card (QR card) and go Paperless.

To get on to the superhighway of recruitment and catch the recruiter's eye instantly
Place an order now and find yourself getting selected faster.


1.How do I purchase VR package?

• Click on SELECT icon on the landing page here
• Enter Promo Code (if any) to receive discount, click on APPLY
• Select Experience Level (No. of years worked professionally) from the drop down menu
• Enter email address where you want to receive digital copy of completed resume
• Click on Proceed to Payment icon to move to the payment gateway
• Complete the Payment and return to website, receive the visual resume digital copy in your email in two business days.

2.What are the benefits of Pocket Resume?

• Pocket Resume will be delivered to your home address in ten business days
• Carry your Pocket Resume everywhere, it is extremely portable, easy to scan and a good way to wow someone
• You can access and edit your profile once logged in, to a maximum of three times per year
• Update your skills section as required, this helps secure better jobs
• Receive Job Alerts directly in your email inbox

3.How do I know what not to be included in my resume?

• Remove your boring objective statement and replace it with a professional summary.
• Do not use an unprofessional email
• Your full mailing address is not needed
• Include only one number on your resume
• Do not include any outdated or irrelevant social media profiles
• No need to include personal details such as your social security number, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation, or spiritual beliefs.
• Unless you're a celebrity or your career requires a professional headshot, there is no reason your resume should include a picture of you.
• Do not deliberately stuff keywords into your resume that sounds annoying.
• Stick to a clean resume design with a clear hierarchy.
• Say No to spelling or grammatical errors.
• Do not talk too much about your past.
If you're still not sure what to include and what not in your resume, then choose Prathigna.com Resume Builder that eases your task and hands you with a perfect resume.

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