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How The Coronavirus Is Changing The Way Recruiters Hire?

How the Coronavirus is Changing the Way Recruiters Hire-prathigna.com

2020-08-19      Comments : 0

Covid-19 pandemic has not only devastated health and the global economy, but also the recruitment. This uncertainty has led the companies to tweak their working methodologies from manual to digitalization to court and engage prospective hires in an age of remote work and social distancing.
Employers are transforming living rooms into workspaces with many personal obligations. Organizations are facing difficult decisions about how to adapt and survive this turmoil. Fortunately, many companies are still hiring and thriving to find the best ones.

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It is up to the job seekers to stay informed and understand how the situation is impacting the overall hiring process to stay ahead in your job search during these uncertain times.
So, let’s see how the Coronavirus is changing the way recruiters hire:

1. Adapting online hiring process

Face-to-face meetings between recruiters and job seekers have always been a basic requirement in the hiring process. But, covid-19 has brought tough conditions for recruiters as well. Hiring across the board have had to transition to a virtual recruiting for most roles in order to avoid coming in contact with others. Organizations are speeding up by conducting interviews over video-conferencing platforms by cutting off certain steps from the hiring process.
The hiring team is trained to use a competency-based interview model and asked to modify their practices for a completely virtual experience. The recruiters are using a variety of online communication and collaboration tools to pull it off. Instructions are given on how candidates should move through the application process.

So, how to get prepared?
Download the software required in advance. Practice mock interviews at home and maintain the right facial expressions. These are simple tips that can help you ace a virtual job interview.

2. Conducting virtual job fairs

Companies are focusing on virtual career fairs and hiring events where they invite several candidates to a chat room and get to know many candidates at once. They use chat technology and teleconferencing to interact between job seekers, recruiters and hiring managers since in-person events are effectively forbidden.
Virtual job fairs are easy to promote and manage, by effectively capturing candidate data.

Top Benefits of virtual job fairs

• Virtual hiring events are flexible for job seekers and recruiters by being able to meet the candidates where they are, not limited by location.
• Travel costs and other expenses associated with in-person career fairs are ultimately alleviated with this virtual technology.
• The online platform makes it easy for applicants to sign in from their home to participate with the recruiters.
• A virtual job fair streamlines the hiring process by meeting and screening potential candidates instead of in person.
• Virtual events can be strategic engagement tools even for companies not hiring right now to keep presence in the market, letting potential candidates know that they are still hiring.
• Candidates can ask questions about companies and specific roles upload their resumes and go through screening interviews.

3. Automating recruitment solution

In Digital transformation, it is the necessary to invest in a touch-free and automated hiring solution. In this regard, many companies are planning to automate their entire hiring process. Recruiters are leveraging a variety of methods and tactics to connect with the candidates through chatbot interactions. Video interviewing, automated scheduling, and online hiring assessments are some of the innovative software’s in virtual hiring.

The candidates looking to land a dream position should follow these hints and tips:
• Ensure software programs such as Zoom, Houseparty, and Google Hangouts are preinstalled prior to interview sessions. Test that your video camera and microphone are functioning well.
• Good communication skill is the key to success. It’s more important to stand out on video, and communicate your value proposition at a glance.

• If you think you’re not good at public speaking, put yourself through some tests, and ask sample questions so that you can get comfortable with being put on the spot. Get over your fears to achieve success.

• Summarize your thoughts to maximize your talent. Practice answering questions with quick responses. Be sure to look at the camera, and maintain eye contact with your interviewer.

• Keep additional files such as certificates and reference letters ready to share through text if a recruiter requests them. Take time to recheck spelling, grammar, and punctuation before sending messages.

• Recruiters are using social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram to connect with potential candidates. So, make sure you’re active on these networks. Take time to update job descriptions, reach out for recommendations, and let recruiters know that you are searching for a job.

• Make sure your application is creative, relevant and write a cover letter explaining why you’d be a good fit for that particular position. Seek designers help to make your resume look like a professional product packaging or submit a catchy audio recording or video snippet. Click Professional Resume to make your resume attractive.

• When you’re applying for a position, show how specific skills and experience you possess align with companies’ specific needs. The more solid information and real-world examples you provide, the more successful you’ll be.

• If you get selected, expect to get an offer via email. You may have to provide digital signatures. Ensure you provide your correct email address.

• Your initial training and onboarding will happen digitally. You will have online training seminars and video conferences. Be ready for this change.

Changes are never easy
To conclude, we are not sure whether the workforce will get back to its earlier form, even after the global pandemic is under control. There’s no doubt that for instance, once the companies realize how much time they can save through visual interviews, they will definitely adapt this new recruitment procedure.

So no matter what changes may come, you should always be prepared for uncertainty, think clearly, identify your skills, stay informed, have a bit patience and keep your eyes open towards the new job opportunities.

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