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How To Make Sure Recruiters Find Candidates? Where Can Recruiters Post Jobs

How To Make Sure Recruiters Find

2019-09-04      Comments : 0

There are many places that these two entities can find each other, in this article we will try to enumerate the resources available to both parties.

Recruiters - who are they?

Primarily recruiters can be classified into two types: agency or internal. Both types of recruiters attend to staffing needs but who they hire for is different. Agency recruiters work at sourcing firms that specialize in finding candidates within a specific industry and they recruit for multiple companies in the same premises, within that given sector. Internal recruiters work for only their parent company, providing hiring support for a variety of job openings within their own company.

Where do recruiters find eligible candidates?

The process of hiring involves reviewing applications, selecting the right candidates to interview, testing candidates through various media like face-to-face interviews, online tests, profile search, telephonic interviews etc. Once this is processed, choosing between ideal candidates to land at the right one - these are hiring decisions that involve performing various pre-employment tests and checks.

Before any of the steps outline above can take place, the recruiter has to first FIND a pool of eligible candidates. The best way is to go online! Let's see how...

Here are some great places to find jobs, and for recruiters to find potential candidates:

Online Job Boards & Employment Websites

For Recruiters:

For Jobseekers:

LinkedIn and contacts on this platform

For Recruiters:

For Jobseekers:

Networking events such as Job Fairs, Placement Drives

For Recruiters:

For Jobseekers:

In-House Employee Referrals

For Recruiters:

For Jobseekers:

Does Social Media Help in Getting jobs?
The prevalence of Social Media has opened up greater vistas for the recruitment industry. Sharing ads for jobs has been infinitely easier, the venues for like-minded professionals to find job openings relevant to them has become easier to find. Recruiting companies find it easier to advertise their jobs, post job listings, conduct drives, placement or walk-ins etc…Harnessing the power of social media is a great way to bring advancement in your career path!

How does bring both together?

So as one can see from the resources above, it is possible for jobseekers and recruiters to find each other - especially with the specifications of the job clearly defined by the company hiring, so that candidates can prepare themselves to apply for the position, keeping in mind the relevance of the keywords and the skillset required. As more and more jobseekers begin to rely on employment search engines, recruiters find more places to post jobs and find the right fit for their company.

With HulloJobs Posting, recruiters find the right place to post free job ads and to reach a wide array of potential, qualified candidates.

These job ads fuel the job board on, one of the promising Job posting sites where recruiters can freely post job listings and top jobs in their companies to attract good future employees & by grabbing the candidate's attention by making sure they can search for and find relevant ads suiting their interests.
Recruiters looking to post job ads can learn more
Jobseekers looking for the next step in their career path can find more jobs


Where can I post jobs for free?

From, is the place for recruiters who are seeking the right job board for job posting for free. Simply sign up and start posting your hiring requirement, at no charge.
Enjoy the following features:
• Access a large pool of candidates on our job search portal with your ads.
• No charges for posting
• Job posting is unlimited and no restrictions on length.
• Maintain a database of candidates

Is job posting free on Freejobposting?

Unlike other companies and job boards that offer partial free job posting, on you post for fully free, unlimited and with no restrictions.
The following are the features of job posting on our website:
• Post any number of job openings
• No time limit on length and frequency of posting
• Monitor all the applicants on your dashboard that is created.
• Access a large pool of eligible candidates via

Who can see job posting ads?

Our ads will go live on, a job search portal that connects candidates with jobs and recruiters – so your pool of viable talent is large. These ads can also be shared across all social platforms like LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc. so that maximum people can view your job openings.

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