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How To Write A Leave Application Letter

How To Write A Leave Application

2020-02-25      Comments : 0

Leave applications are an important part of employment for any employee -may it be a freshly joined or an experienced professional. It comes into play on various occasions, whether planned in advance or taken suddenly -before or after a leave, one has to submit a leave application to their in-charge manager or HR manager.
It is an essential skill, one that may alter its content over time but not its importance, so at we've made a few samples that jobseekers can use while writing their application.
We have adapted these to email format, as this is the predominant medium of communication.

Basic leave application
A basic leave application has a very familiar structure, starting with:

  • Salutation-addressed to the right person(s)-usually manager/HR executive
  • Purpose of the application (subject)-request for leave
  • Reason for leave - a brief mention; especially about why you would like a long leave
  • Number of leaves needed (include clearly the dates)
  • Work plan during your absence (who will be your substitute in case of reporting)
  • Contact information (for any emergency)

1. General Leave Application Sample

Sub: Leave Application for period of DATE to DATE

Dear Sir/Madam (name of manager/HR manager)

I would like to avail my annual leave, please consider my application for the same. As I have the requisite allowance; I request you to grant me leave for XX days in total; during which I intend to travel to my hometown.

I would like to avail the leaves from {start date} to {end date}.

I have handed over my charge during this period to {person's name} for the team/project/my tasks. He/she very well understands about the same and is capable of handling the task as required.

During the days of my leave from office, I can be reached at {email address/contact number}.
I will rejoin the office on {date}.Thanking you in advance for this kind consideration,

Warm regards,
{Your Name}

2.Maternity Leave Application Sample

Subject: Maternity leave application from DATE to DATE

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to apply for maternity leave for a period of three months from {start date} to {end date}. As we have discussed previously, I will be rejoining once this period is over.

Since the duration of the leave is long, it has been decided {name of the person} will take over my responsibilities and will be completely in charge of the project/team for 90 days.

Please find attached my medical certificate, along with other important administrative details as required to avail the leave.
In the case of an emergency, I will be available at my {your contact information}. I thank you in advance and hope to be back very soon.

Warm Regards,
{Your Name}

3.Sick leave application

Sub: Leave Application for period of DATE to DATE

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please grant me sick leave from today as my health is severely impacted by a viral infection.

As per the doctor, I need to take medication for three days along with proper rest for at least a week. The letter from the doctor is attached, confirming the need of time to recover from the illness.

I will try to be available in case of any escalation or clarification for the project until which time (name of colleague) will be handling all escalations etc.

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.
{Your Name}


Sub: Unplanned leave on date, kindly approve

Dear Sir/Madam (name of manager/HR manager)

On (date) I had needed to take a sudden leave due to personal reasons; as it was urgent, and I was not in a position to directly contact my in-charge manager.

Kindly approve the leave for that duration; and accept my apologies for not being able to update in a timely manner.

I have since updated all the work and spoken to my manager as required. Request you to approve it for official purposes.
With my thanks and regards,


Sub: Planned leave on date, kindly approve

Dear Sir/Madam (name of manager/HR manager)

Kindly approve my leave on (date) as I need to attend to some personal reasons.

Kindly grant me leave for that duration; I have updated all the work and spoken to my manager as required. Request you to approve it for official purposes.

With my thanks and regards,

You can find several more samples on the internet, it is best to stick to a polite, well worded format.


How to write for a leave of absence?

Address the email to your direct in charge and HR in the CC section. Make sure to include the following in your email
1. Sub: Request for a leave of absence.
2. Mention the dates you expect to be away from work
3. The date you plan to return to work
4. An offer to be available to provide emergency assistance, if feasible
5. Thank your manager for considering your request.

Do you need to write an email for casual leave?

For the purpose of official records, it is best to keep your manager & HR aware of all leaves taken, whether planned or not. You can apply for it beforehand or after taking the leave, addressed to your manager and copied to the HR executive. In case it is an automatic HR system, make sure to use the right category and not sick leave or any other label.

Are all holidays carried forward? How can I check my leave balance?

This is an entirely company specific policy, to carry forward leaves. According to the local labour union laws, earned or privileged leaves are usually carried forward, but there may be limits to the number of days. Usually casual and sick leaves are not carried forward to the next year.
It is best to consult your company's HR dept or employee manual to see what is the policy regarding the same.

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