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Job Search Tips For Finding A New Job

2020-07-22      Comments : 0

For any jobseeker, starting a job search, may it be for a new job or to change career paths, can be a stressful and challenging task Often times you end up applying to many places, but can hear back only from few of them.
There are proactive strategies that might help you in your job search - it should help all jobseekers, from those just starting out for their first job to experienced candidates who need a quick refresher.

1. Get clear on what you want, and offer to others
Before starting your job search, take the time to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses and the type of work that both interests you, and one that you enjoy doing. The more you know about what motivates you in a job, the more likely you will find a new job that provides you with greater satisfaction.
What do you look for in a job? What is most important - status, the job title, remuneration, getting higher promotions, location, or company work culture? Figuring out this can help you narrow down your choices while searching for a job.

2. Research your target company
Once you know what job and work culture you want, you can proceed to the companies that have jobs that suit your skills and profile. One resource that can help you decide is Glassdoor, which has reviews on companies, which should help you get a, idea of their company culture, learn what questions they commonly ask in interviews, and even get a glimpse of what salary you're likely to be paid for a position like this.
Another way is to reach out to ex-employees, if you are in contact with any, to learn about the workplace & style of functioning.

3. Tailor your resume to each job applied to
Your resume is still one of the most critical tools of a job search, it is the first point of contact. Instead of focussing on what your responsibilities were, focus on your tangible achievements. The second mistake jobseekers do is to send the same resume to various openings. Adapt it o make it relevant to the job you are applying for.
Show that you are the right fit. Include the words and phrases that are used in the job description? When you tailor your resume to each job - the recruiter should know within a few seconds of looking at your resume that you have the skills they are looking for.

4. Update your LinkedIn
With LinkedIn, you can build your brand by showcasing your expertise and passion so employers searching the Web can find it. Most recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool and if you are a professional, you need to keep your profile up-to date. It is also a great resource for connect with people who work at companies that interest you and put yourself into the hiring scene, to be found by recruiters and hiring managers with relevant openings.

5. Build, cultivate, and harness your network of contacts
Networking in person as well as online is an essential part of your job search and for your success in finding a new job. It helps you to get a good idea of what the ground reality is, and what is available in your line of field - enabling you to be more strategic in your job search. Do not be hesitant to reach out to people on LinkedIn, and you may also ask for a referral from someone working at a company that interests you.
Most hiring managers prefer to interview people who came via referrals before sorting through the resumes that come through a career website.

6. Do not limit yourself to online applications only
Use all possible resources when you start seeking a new job - not only online but through personal references. Relying on only one source decreases your chances and takes a long time. Contact companies that interest you directly from their career pages or your network of people who can suggest internally.

7. Develop examples and stories that showcase your skills
This is one of the main tips for succeeding in an interview - people remember stories, so your goal should be developing a set of interview stories you can use in networking meetings or job interviews that clearly demonstrate how you applied your skills and passion for your work. Be memorable! Using stories (use the STAR format) may also help you feel more comfortable talking about yourself in a professional setting, you do not want to make up stories, but to enhance your profile.

8. Prepare for all job interviews
While preparing for your interview, formulate responses for common interview questions, and then practice them in a mock interview with a friend, or run them by with a network contact. The more prepared you are for the interview, the more confident you will be and the more likely for success and avoid saying the wrong thing!

Three Additional Tips to Help Finding a New Job

Here a few tips for getting a new job if your job search situation does not fit the typical model - if conditions are such that finding employment will be unusually hard.

First, have a positive attitude. Your outlook on the job search is important, experienced interviewers can sense desperation and despair; organizations want positive and competent people to join them! If you have been unemployed for a long period and depressed or recently downsized and angry, don't let it affect you job hunt, or you will defeat the purpose.

Second, be prepared to adapt to new situations, you may need additional training or experience, especially if you are entering a new career field. This does not decrease your existing skills, look at it like a learning experience that adds to your collection of skills!

Third, don't be afraid to explore internships, temporary jobs or volunteering for a short period to gain experience and build network contacts that can lead the way to a full-time position. When you start with a simple job in the field of interest, it only goes to help build a stronger career.

We hope these tips help all jobseekers to gain confidence and find themselves with a great new job!
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