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Create resume online for Professionals-Hullojobs.com
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Best attractive resume templates-prathigna.com

1.Best attactive design

Select from many options of Resume templates for the one that suits your profile! Whether resume sample for experienced or entry level - explore the best resume format for you.

2.Easy to create Visual CV on prathigna.com

It’s super easy to create, simple fill in required details and we will create a resume for you.

Create a resume-prathigna.com visual cv
Benefits of Resume builder-prathigna.com

3. Benefits of prathigna.com Resume Builder

Expert reviewed & edited to focus on skills**
Attractive layout & design
Easy to read, scan for keywords
Made within moments, downloadable
Get featured on front page on job portal**
**With Premium version

prathigna.com is trusted by over 1000+ users

Over 1000+ users have successfully upgraded their resumes to our Visual CV, don’t miss this opportunity! Make yours now and join the elite with a stand out resume, get recruiters to read your resume at a glance

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Resume Templates FAQ's
1. What is the best resume format available?

Confused which Resume format is the best? Walk-through our Resume Formats. Choose one that works for you and creates an impression in a short window of time. A best resume format takes into account how best to organize your information to showcase your strengths. Our prathigna.com Resume templates are easy to download and tailor to your needs. It is difficult to organize your information in a way that will help you get noticed. So, Leave the designing to our experts, and use one of our artistically inspired resume formats. We’ve a huge collection of well-structured and professional resume formats, all of which will put the focus where it belongs, for example, on your skills, work experience, and education. These easy-to-read formats will help you get into the interview chair because these well-organized sections lead the way to the critical information a recruiter seeks.

2. How to create a Resume with prathigna.com?

1. Choose any of the designer-made templates, or design from scratch.
2. Add your professional experience in the text boxes given.
3. Tailor the colors, fonts, and layout to your preference.
4. Once you’re done, download in any format, place it online, or print.
prathigna.com resume builder will give you a polished and attractive resume, without any fuss. You are free to change the colors, fonts, layout, and add graphics to suit the job you’re applying for.
Save your hours on formatting and editing, just add your professional experience and customize the existing design as needed.
You can create a resume for every industry with a wide range of templates that are suitable for whatever industry you look up to.
prathigna.com Resume Builder allows you to highlight your skills in a very unique way

3. What are the Best Resume Templates?

• The credit for the best resume template can be given to chronological resume that puts your data in perspective.
• It's the most simple resume format and the bread and butter choice for most job seekers.
• A chronological template is straightforward with classic section headings.
• prathigna.com Resume Template is totally customizable, solid, and a traditional choice.
• This chronological template helps you to write a strong resume and reiterate your most relevant skills at the bottom.

Use prathigna.com creative templates, that are customizable and gives a wow impression to the recruiters.

4. What is the best resume builder in 2020?

You can find plenty of resume builders which offer you great features, but many of them fail to deliver on your promises.
So, are you confused which is the best resume builder?
Let’s clear your doubt. prathigna.com Resume Builder has great number of Resume templates and features that speed up the writing process. This resume builder is fast and easy to use as it provides lots of tips and ready-made content which you can add directly. Save your time and get a winning resume in no time. Go ahead and see for yourself at prathigna.com Resume Builder.

5. What are some resume example and samples?

prathigna.com has a selection of resume samples and examples to inspire your next application. View resume samples for a variety of industries and job titles. Our resume examples, created by experts, will inspire and guide you in making an outstanding resume.
If you’re a starter and looking for a simple or basic resumes, or a complex resume format to showcase your skills and work experience, we have it all.
• Entry-level examples that show how to showcase your academic achievements & will help you in landing for your internships or first jobs. • We have resume samples by job title, which will help you to impress hiring managers. Our resume examples will guide you to write a winning resume.

6. How to get Resume writing services on prathigna.com?

Click on prathigna.com Visual CV and choose the resume that you are looking for. There are 3 levels of resume:
• Entry Level: For fresher’s and applicants who are just beginning their career.
• Mid-Level: For candidates who are ready to take on higher roles.
• Proffesion: For candidates whose experience is 8 years or more.

Once you select the level, our team will follow this process:
• Analyzing your resume.
• Providing you with a form to fill out, so you can share your needs and goals.
• Set a writer for your resume.
• An assigned writer will call you to ask your relevant details and know about your expectations.
• You will receive a sample of your resume, on which, you will send a feedback to the resume writer.
• Resume writer will now send you the final copy of your resume. Once approved, you will get a professional resume in your hands.
The cost of resume depends on which package you choose and includes far more features and services than just a resume.

7. Why to use premium resume templates on prathigna.com?

Your resume needs to look polished and structured. Templates play a huge role in making your resume look great. prathigna.com Premium templates are designed especially for a professional aesthetic. Our outstanding and a wider choice of templates will help you to list your achievements and your qualifications in a specific order. With this, you'll be able to submit polished resumes that are sleek, simple and engrossing. Our professional resume writers strive hard and take care of all the grunt work, giving you a resume placing your hard work in limelight.

8. What do you get with a Premium version of Visual Resume?

• Avail the added benefit of "featured resume", so recruiters notice it first
• Our content experts review & edit your profile with grammar check & enhanced layout
• Boost your profile on prathigna.com
• Focus on keywords to draw recruiter’s attention!

Enhance your future by taking it to the next level and leave a great first impression on recruiters.

Click here to unlock your prathigna.com dashboard and UPGRADE to the full version now.

9. What benefit can I get if I Upgrade to Premium Visual CV with prathigna.com?

You can access to our entire premium resume, and the ability to create custom resumes for each job application. Learn more by simply clicking create a Premium VisualCV .

Following are the benefits of upgrading to a Premium version:
• Online profile creation
• Visual Resume
• QR Code Resume
• Virtual Space For all certificates
• Smart Card home delivery
• Pocket Resume
• Virtual Resume
• Editable resume template
• CV Visible to all recruiters
• Grab attention with recruiter-friendly format
• PDF download
• Resume quality checks*
• CV Content development

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