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Tips For Video Interviews In 2020

Tips for video interviews in 2020 - Hullojobs

2020-09-09      Comments : 0

Covid-19 has changed the entire hiring and recruiting process. The candidates once used to dress up and go to meet their
prospective recruiter in-person, are now preparing themselves for the online interviews at home. Companies are now
choosing video interviews to connect with potential hires. This process is convenient, saves times of the employers and
hence is also benefitting the candidates who can now attend interview from the comfort of their own house and also have a
lot of time to prepare.

Additionally, it saves the candidates from travelling to far off interview locations. In this crucial era, video interviews have
really turned into a blessing in disguise.

If you are going to attend a video interview soon or would like to prepare for the possibility, these are the Interview tips to
get you through the process.

1.Download online interview software

A few days in advance, download the app like Skype, Zoom, HireVue, GoToMeeting, or Google Hangouts which the interviewer will often use. If you're not sure which software to use, then ask the recruiter beforehand. Downloading the software ahead of time will give you an opportunity to get used to it. Get familiar with the tool by signing up for a free trial or watch tutorial videos. Once you're done, you're all set to go.

2.Test your online interview equipment

Now that you have downloaded the software, it's time to test out the video feed and audio. Ask your friend to help you out here. Make sure that the video is clear and the quality is suitable for an interview. If the audio doesn't work well, then consider purchasing a desk microphone. Have a practice call to a friend to sort out any issues. Also, use headphones and a microphone to conduct the interview so that you know how it sounds. During the interview process, if you can't hear your interviewer, tell them honestly so they can try to fix the problem. If that doesn't work, suggest rearranging the call.

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3.Practice makes you perfect

Talking to a laptop screen can be odd sometimes, so you should practice beforehand. Take help from your friend to iron out any creases and improve on your delivery. Ensure your answers flow naturally and you sound confident. Practice for at least an hour and send them some sample interview questions in advance. Speak aloud all your answers while you practice a mock video interview.This will increase your confidence. Be aware of all the features of interview software which could be useful to you during an interview. Know about file sharing, screen share and live code environment that allows you to show the employer what you can do.Take the feedback from your friend. If you want to be surer, then ask them to record the call and send it to you. This is a great way to know how the employer will see things.Set up the angle of your webcam so that the interviewer is seeing you directly. This will give a natural look to your image as well as avoid a bad shot.

4.Prepare room for online interview

The room you choose for interview must be quiet and should have a sober background. Clear all the clutter. Choose white wall behind you or try to blur your background if you are unable to find a perfect spot. Take special care of the lighting. If there's a window behind you, ensure that it is closed and the curtains are pulled so that the interviewer sees you clearly. Similarly, don't sit in front of a window with the sun blasting through.Peace is all you need now. Tell everyone at home to maintain silence during your interview. The employer may get a wrong impression if there is any background noise or family members accidentally walking into the room. So avoid any embarrassing disruptions.

5.Dress for success

Get dressed up as you were going for a face-to-face interview. Although the interviewer will only see the top half of your body, doesn't mean you wear pajamas or a casual t-shirt. Dress professionally. Avoid narrow and close together stripes or checks. This creates a distracting zigzag pattern for the interviewer. Also avoid bright colors. Get ready like you would a go for a normal interview and treat it exactly the same.

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6.Make your body speak the language of success

"A good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles." It's important that you keep smile on your face. This shows that you are confident, relaxed and stable, positive, energetic and enthusiastic. Talking on a video is very much difficult than a face-to-face interview. There can be lots of awkward moments. But you need to get over it and keep smiling.The next important thing is making an eye contact by looking into the camera lens and not into your screen while speaking. It is quite natural to watch your interviewer's face or yourself on the screen, but doing so will make the interviewer see nothing but you looking off to the side. Keep it natural and do not stare. Sometimes, interviewers choose to keep one-sided video interview. Therefore, your camera will be visible but not theirs. Relax, as they can see you just fine. So, talk naturally even if you are looking into a blank screen. Your eye contact shows the interviewer that you're interested and paying attention.
Your posture is as important as your smile and eye contact. Sit up straight. Be alert and avoid excessive physical movements. Let your body language express that you are engaged. Convey eagerness and willingness while interacting. Do not cross your arms as it might show a negative form of body language. If required take notes as you go along. This will give a professional look.

7.Send a 'Thank You' note

Express your gratitude with an email within the next 24 hours of your video interview, as you are still fresh in the hiring managers' mind. Proofread your email before sending. Make use of this opportunity wisely.

Points to be remembered:
1.Do not be too friendly while speaking to your interviewer.
2.Do a trial run before the actual video interview day with friends / family.
3.Take care of your background: Make the surroundings look professional.
4.Avoid excessive physical movements.
5.Clear your doubts then and there by asking questions.
6.Use a good web camera and high-quality sound equipment so that every word you say is heard loud and clear.
7.Compliment the interviewer.
8.Concentrate on your body language.
9.Finish strong.

Ace your video interview by following these tips that will make you more confident, fully prepared, able to create the best impression possible & get one step closer to securing the position of your dreams.

Best of Luck!

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