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Top 6 Hiring Practices to Improve Hiring Process-prathigna.com

2020-02-27      Comments : 0

A few recruiting hacks that can come useful for recruiters in streamlining the process
Recruiters need to continuously work on their technique to keep up with the flow of candidates. To accelerate the rate of hiring and improve the process, a few strategies need to be adopted. The idea is to work smart, putting in efforts that don't cost the company or the individual much. Implementing some of these suggestions will help agencies stay in the front of the increasingly high-paced competition they face in this industry and attract the best candidates in their operations.

Hiring managers need to update the process consistently

Why do we as recruiters need to keep ahead?
What is the need for an exclusive recruitment agency? Most large organisations have a dedicated HR and hiring department that handles all in-house hiring requirements within the same firm. This involves sending ads in advertisements, reaching our classifieds, etc. Often though, companies prefer to outsource this process and engage hiring agencies to recruit eligible candidates on their behalf.
Whichever venue one chooses to use as a business; it must have effective recruitment techniques to bring in the right type of staff. It is also important to implement the latest recruiting trends and have strong recruitment ideas to streamline the process and make it cost-effective and cause as little hassle as possible to both recruiters and candidates.

Recruiting hacks recruiters can utilise
To help recruit the right people for your company, here are some strategies that can be used:

1: Use social media as a medium to recruit candidates
In the current digital scenario recruiters have to make use of social media recruiting. Merely making use of traditional recruitment venues like job portals and newspapers classifieds will not be enough. Promote new roles and job openings via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - you can then reach and attract a much larger audience. Job ads that include detailed descriptions and a call to action are most effective.

2: Invest in recruitment software automated
Automated recruitment software is slowly becoming the way forward. Both businesses and recruitment agencies can avail benefits from using this type of software as it recruiter efficiency and improves the time taken to find and close candidates. In addition, this software can be programmed to automate processes such as sending emails and scheduling responses to candidates.

3: Create checklists for standard procedures
Most of the times, recruitment process involves standardized and repetitive procedures that need to be completed for every new candidate - such as: create a job ad, make a short list of candidates, select candidates for interviews, complete interviews etc. The easiest way to manage this is to create checklists for the recruitment process as well as on-boarding process. Each stage of hiring a new employee can be crossed off the checklist to make sure no step has missed.

4: Use templates to speed-up the recruitment process
Utilising a template can make digital work a lot easier. By using pre-approved and standard HR templates for certain processes, recruiter efficiency can be improved so that more can be achieved in the same time frame. In cases such as mass hiring, or repeat hiring for the same job openings a job description template can be used, a set format for interview invitations, rejection letters etc can be used - managers can create a template and then edit as per for each candidate.

5: Add tests as part of the application process
Assessing candidates via tests is a quick method to eliminate unsuitable candidates. In addition, tests are a good tool to gather useful data, and analyse key aspects of a person's ability and personality that are relevant to the job at hand. This can be a range of simple English and maths tests, or tests that are specific to sector and industry. A number of free online tests are also easily available to judge candidate performance in interviews.

6: Select job titles that are common and simple
Oftentimes, managers overlook job title as an important part of the job ad which has a great impact on the effect it creates on candidates. It is vital to select the job title looking at it from the candidate's POV-keeping in mind the importance of the keywords they will use when searching for jobs. It is advised to not use complex and confusing names as it may affect detrimentally any search ranking when candidates are seeking jobs on portals. Using simple titles such as Sales Manager, Office Administrator, Analysts etc is appropriate.

7: Format a structure for your interviews
Companies often make the error of not preparing hiring managers sufficiently before an interview. It is a professional standard to standardize interviews and apply them in context, making them useful to your working culture, so it is advised to construct a structured or semi-structured job interview. It should contain a basic outline of what will be discussed and what interview questions the candidate will need to be prepared for.

8: Keep your career webpage up to date
Most companies are very negligent when it comes to this point - usually "recruitment opportunities" or "careers" page are often neglected to be updated after the completion of old jobs, or show errors like "Currently No jobs"? Makers of the webpage are advised to ensure that the company recruitment page is regularly updated and maintained in detail so that potential candidates can gather relevant information about job opportunities from the website.

9: Communicate with candidates consistently
Candidate experience is very vital in conveying a good response to potential recruits. To convey that they are important to your company, it is upon hiring managers to make interviewees comfortable and to show that you value their time. Every stage of the interview should be communicated regularly to them. Formulate specific communications at certain steps-an email to acknowledge receipt of their application, email to inform them their application was successful etc-keep them aware at all times, to avoid bad candidate experience.

Ready to accelerate hiring in 2020?

In summation, by using these 9 recruitment hacks, hiring managers should be able to improve the hiring process with very low cost and minimal efforts. At prathigna.com, we ensure that our recruiters follow these principles to improve the process for both themselves and the candidates. One needs to be able to stay ahead of the competition and attract a higher degree of candidates these strategies are aimed to improve your internal processes and efficiency-so everyone's a winner!


What is the best hiring process?

The ideal hiring process is straightforward and well prepared. As a recruiting manager, there are steps that consist of the following:

  • Deciding to hire a new employee & what you're looking for
  • Creating a job description to make it clear what the job role is, & what you need
  • Recruiting candidates by advertising on your careers page, job boards, LinkedIn etc
  • Initial screening of applicants-try emailing a small test to screen average candidates
  • Interviewing candidates-phone interviews are used often for round one. Prepare the questions & the answers you're expecting.
  • Make your job offer keeping both trends of the industry & the candidate in consideration
  • On-boarding and new employee orientation
  • Training your new hire-it could take a week or a month, prepare key documents etc.

How long should hiring process take?

The global average is around 22 days, which depends highly on the job role being filled and the experience level from the candidate needed. The more senior the position, the longer it can take. Fresher level posts can generally get filled within 7-10 days.

How useful is social media in the hiring process

The use of social media has increased by leaps & bounds. It can used to advertise your job listings, increase brand recall of your company, be used for marketing during walk-ins and placement drives, to crosscheck the background of the candidate and to network with jobseekers and other recruiters. It is a very wise decision to harness the power of social media for the recruitment process.

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