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Top In-demand Jobs During Coronavirus Pandemic

Top In-Demand Jobs During Coronavirus Pandemic-prathigna.com

2020-04-25      Comments : 0

To break the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, most companies and non-essential businesses have either opted to, or chosen to close, so employees and workers across the country are suddenly facing downtime as many companies have shut operations and asked employees to work from home, others have put restrictions on non-essential domestic and international travel.

In this scenario, what can jobseekers look forward to? For some of the industries, this is a boon for recruitment - mostly healthcare and delivery services. Their services are essential and cannot be stopped in such a time.

To manage nations that are confronting these difficulties, the World Health Organization (WHO) has updated operational planning guidelines in balancing the demands of responding directly to COVID-19 by shutting down, while keeping up fundamental wellbeing administration conveyance, and moderating the danger of framework breakdown.

This includes a lot of focused prompt actions that nations ought to consider at national, regional, and local level to reorganize and maintain access to high-quality essential health services for all. In this venture, all forms of government are essential - local, state level and national.

Need more hiring for

1. Retail workers - stocking retail at select stores
2. Nurses - a most essential employment, across all cities and emergency centres
3. Essential Staff like Police, Firefighters, Security Personnel
4. Lab technicians - sharp intake in these to match the demand for testing
5. Transportation - delivery services like Swiggy, Uber, Box8, Dunzo etc
6. Tutoring - through online tutoring, students can continue education unabated.
7. Warehousing - storage and distribution of essential goods.
8. Healthcare - providing at home services for high risk cases, senior citizens, pregnant mothers etc.

Demand for nursing jobs, including registered nurses and nurse practitioners will increase.

As for the jobs with the most openings, registered nurses, transportation specialists, customer service representatives, drivers with a commercial license and software engineers are all needed, CareerBuilder reported in its study.

LinkedIn conducted a study in March that also identified the most in-demand jobs for the need at hand, as well as the companies with the most open jobs based on postings on their job portal website, where they found Job postings in health care spiked 35% compared to just a few months earlier, with hospitals, pharmacies, health care units and insurance providers all currently hiring.

"It's possible for individuals at all levels to jump right into a new position as many of these openings are entry-level or temporary hour-wages positions that don't require much training or experience, so this opens up many venues for them to join," according to LinkedIn's head of careers and talent solutions.

LinkedIn's top 10 most in-demand jobs:

1. Store associate
2. System operator
3. Certified public accountant
4. Health-care specialist
5. Construction worker
6. Warehouse manager
7. Psychologist
8. Vehicle mechanic
9. Academic advisor
10. Delivery driver

From a survey reported by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy's weekly tracker, the job market has held steady for three weeks now. The latest data (updated to 5 April) estimates unemployment shot up from 8.4% in mid-March to the current 23%.
According to Pronab Sen, a former chief statistician of India, roughly around 50 million people might have lost jobs in just two weeks of the lockdown.
"Since some employees and labout may have just been sent home for now, the actual scope of unemployment may be even higher and will be reflected in future reports..
FMCG companies tend to perform well during challenging times and as these FMCG companies are the biggest advertisers in the market, it results in the collapse of the advertising rates during this period which is a plus point for these companies.
The overall hiring trend in the nation is likely to witness an adverse impact in the short term with 60-65 per cent interviews getting delayed, especially in the services sector, following the slowdown across industries triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, industry experts said.


• Shipping and delivery companies:
• Online learning companies and application developers
• Grocery stores and delivery services:
• Remote meeting and communication companies:
• Working families: Childcare

The downside of the COVID outbreak

The ILO is of the opinion that these measures include extending social protection, supporting employment retention measures like short-time work, paid leave and other subsidies, including financial and tax relief especially for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME)

The ILO also proposes fiscal and monetary policy measures, and lending and financial support for specific economic sectors to help during this period.

The experts estimated the economic and labour crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic would result in an increase in global unemployment by over 25 million.
Goldman Sachs, the financial experts, said with the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, a global recession is expected with the world and US GDP set to contract by 1.8% and 6.2% respectively in 2020.

Usually serving as a cushion to the impact of changes, self-employment in developing countries may not do so this time because of restrictions on the movement of people (eg service providers) and goods, affecting performance on all levels.

The experts are of the opinion that falls in employment by the end of 2020 means large income losses for workers to the tune of between USD 860 billion and USD 3.4 trillion which subsequently results in the falls in consumption of goods and services thus affecting the prospects for businesses and services, in turn impacts the prospects for businesses and economies.


1.What jobs are needed in COVID times?

The primary jobs that are in focus in these times of pandemic are: nurses and medical practitioners, delivery persons and software developers. In medical practitioners this includes lab technicians, support staff and key members in medical centres. Nurses and doctors are in the higherst demand now, be it registered nurse or physical therapists and other specialists. Delivery services are very active, so managers and executives will be both required in this period.

2.What precautions do employees need to take during COVID-19?

The Indian government has requested all employers to retain staff and not discharge anyone from their employment. The key is to wait, as once the lockdown is lifted, all services and businesses will be back in full force. This is the time to brush up on skills, learn with some development courses, and refocus your energy on being productive. All economy is set to face a depression in this period, so do not be unnecessarily worried. Be patient.

3.What jobs in the education field will be in focus?

Online tutoring is very popular now - so all aspects related to this - with app development and the technical maintenance. In addition, online courses available for students, child care courses & games will be very popular in this period.

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