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What Are Top 8 Ways Social Media Can Help Hiring In 2019

What Are Top 8 Ways Social Media Can Help Hiring-prathigna.com

2019-05-29      Comments : 0

Harness the power of Social Media to improve your hiring and recruitment success

In this current fast-paced era of changing technology, social media has made its mark known in every field of interest. With the advent of mobile interface, everything is more accessible and research has shown that jobseekers have quickly and very strongly adopted job search on the mobile phone and chose to apply in the same medium too. It is now up to smart companies to understand and make note of this fact to better serve their clients, when it comes to hiring.

When is Social media used most often? The majority of people and companies use the same to promote their products and present themselves and by extension, their brand, in the best light. Hiring companies can harness the same in their recruitment strategy, giving birth to social media recruiting.

What is social media recruiting?

Simply put, it is utilising the medium of social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (to name the top platforms) to advertise job openings and positions with the aim of recruiting candidates and talent database.

"It is the practice of identifying, attracting, engaging and hiring both active and passive candidates by using the social networks they're use most frequently."

Recruiters can use this medium cross check potential candidates social media profiles to get a sense of who they are and what they are looking for, making it easier for recruiters to deal directly with both active and passive job seekers.

These are a few reasons why more companies should be looking to social media recruiting in greater numbers.

Using Social Media helps to:

Build your company's online reputation.

Brand managers suggest that sharing content that shows your company in a positive and successful light, reinforces the idea that it's a great place to work which certainly helps to attract candidates organically.

By using video to engage with passive candidates.

There is no need to remind users of online content that video is the medium that social media users are 10 times more likely to engage with than any other form of content. Companies can see greater engagement by

Using live video to host spontaneous Q&As with regard to their sector/industry.
Let people have a behind-the-scenes look at the company and virtually experience the company culture for themselves.

Involve employees by getting them to share posts on social media

Involving your employees to get involved in the recruitment drive works both ways for the company as well as the employee (as a point of motivation). Employees can share their positive experiences through posts that can be shared on their social media platforms. Companies must not understate the power of a personal recommendation.

By Joining LinkedIn groups.

Companies are reminded to optimize their company's LinkedIn profile by joining and participating in LinkedIn groups in addition displaying that they are actively recruiting. Taking part in groups that are relevant to your industry or specialized communities on LinkedIn (places where candidates are actively involved) is a great way to be noticed and find great talent.

Being active on other social media

Apart from LinkedIn, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been designed to appeal to different audiences and are accordingly used differently, so companies can take advantage of this and be creative in their approach.

Effective social media advertising

By using insights to perfect your social media campaign, target your dream candidates and address them directly, because when your ad/company defines the search parameters, the job advertisement reaches the right people faster.

Keeping potential candidates engaged by involving them

It is possible (on the social media platforms) to direct message people, approaching like-minded potential candidates in your network who could potentially become part of your talent cloud. By building an online community, it becomes easy to talk to them about the company, about the benefits and potential opportunities of working there. Companies can be more proactive and go to their audience, to brand themselves as well as attract the right candidates.

How to share quality content?

Content created by the company can be shared in the following formats. They can be shared on social media as often as needed, on special occasions and on their company websites.

The above mentioned strategies may not show results immediately, in fact, it is over a slightly long period of time that effects can be seen. However, majority of recruiters utilizing social media recruiting strategies report improvement in both the quantity and quality of candidates, which makes it worthwhile to put time and energy into implementing these strategies.Log on to www.prathigna.com for more information.

"At FreePosting.in , we encourage companies to look for solutions beyond the traditional and tired and tested methods already prevalent. In addition to being a budding online job board, at prathigna.com we offer guidance to recruiters and job seekers in all matters, especially when it comes to improving results with regard to job search.”


How can social media be used to hire potential candidates?

1.Social media is a great resource to find potential employees.
2.Update your company's Social Media Accounts regularly.
3.Respond comments & feedback from other SM accounts.
4.Bring value to your social media postings so it creates interest in jobseekers.
5.Make use of internal employee workforce in sharing job openings that.
6.Display on SM that regular activities & events take place, it builds the company brand.

How is social media utilised in sourcing?

Some ways can recruiters leverage social media as a hiring tool:
1.It helps evaluate a candidate's personality.
2.You can promote your job openings on all social platforms for the widest reach.
3.Recruiters can use LinkedIn for targeted recruiting.
4.Encourage employees to share their own experiences with your company.
5.Update shareholders on what the company is heading towards, socially.
6.Create a persona/image of a brand/company that cares.

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