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What Does A Jobseeker In IT Sector Look Forward To?

What Does A Jobseeker In IT Sector Look Forward To-prathigna.com

2018-05-22      Comments : 0

Are you feeling lost as to which job to land on? Attend Prathigna.com’s National Career Fair, and find the best jobs ready for your attention. Just travel down here and get an opportunity to experience the great career growth of IT sector in India. The current time period sees no dearth of job opportunities from which you can select your desired career. Employment in India has come a long way; one can be notified of job openings online via various social media platforms. Every individual dreams of earning a big package and to look forward to a well-settled life - to achieve this, the seeds of hard work need to planted early, which will reap the best results when combined with a strong will power.

IT Sector and Software Engineers

For the past 15 years, the Engineering revolution has brought great changes to the mindset of most Indians. Computer Science and Information Technology have become the most sought after subjects in educational institutions. The growth of this discipline has been very impressive so far, becoming the benchmark for jobseekers.

We can easily see the IT sector attracts attention globally, a major cause of why it has been developing highly in India. Students make the error of blindly focusing on an IT education, but forget to realise that Information Technology is a vast, wide area; and a lack of proper guidance may result missing your destination in the burgeoning wilderness. This never-ending field has various branches where students can wield their choice according to their interest or prowess. It is essential to receive merited career advice learn the scope of this field, and the forthcoming opportunities to create a good professional line.Candidates are advised to keep a keen watch on the course structure and try and foresee the future prospects of this industry. The branches of IT include Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering, along with a few more recently developed branches.

IT sector is not a bed of roses; it has a lot of challenges and opportunities which have the capacity to mould you for a better future, as a result of the numerous challenges one faces in this career stream. More than half of the student population favours an Engineering degree or a degree related to Computer Sciences. So naturally the competition is very intense, and begins to lay the groundwork for a race to the destination – a good job. It helps to be prepared by knowing the details of the field in depth, while keeping up with the technological enrichment. Another skill required is to learn to face the uncalculated challenges while upholding your problem-solving techniques.Strengthen your skill sets while you are in your learning period and get the big picture of the upcoming trends in your desired career line. Evaluate the IT departments, its functions and develop your uniqueness in your chosen line. Before taking the leap, consider the corporate culture and its variables clearly. Grasp the workflow at the right time and begin to improve your professional circle. Be prepared to face various types of people in the work environment. Your hard work and skills may get unnoticed, but never get discouraged or de-motivated. You will begin to learn to cope with the levels of stress and innumerable challenges in the work environment.
An IT Career holds a bright future in the upcoming days, update your skills and keep your mind open for the vast range of opportunities. In spite of the all the fluctuations in the global market, this sector continues to grow steadily and exponentially. Select the fast-growing cities, which will have a good number of opportunities in your desired career sector.

Career planning and development is an important factor in the current scenario. Nurture your continuously updated knowledge base with a lot of research, learning and management. Never allow your technical knowledge to go out of date as new technologies crop up constantly. So get on the track of upgrading your techno-mind with the required mindset and adapt to the new domain areas.

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"The IT sector will bring forth the growth of high standard jobs, which have been ruling the Indian market for a long while now – we can see major growth in both IT companies and manpower, which grows alongside of increase in revenue. This goes to show that the IT field has great opportunity of massive growth. The technology heads need to grow along with the company by grasping new technologies; else surviving this wilderness will be a Herculean task. Talented and aspiring professionals will find various job openings and this line of career can surely lead them to the higher level of lifestyle. ”

- Ashiwani Verma


How do you ask for a job opportunity?

There are many ways to access information about jobs, one way that's very common is from a job portal which enables users to sign up for job alerts and notifications when companies or recruiters post about new job openings in their organisation, like prathigna.com where jobseekers can sign up for free and enable job alerts for keywords/jobs in their field of interest, location of choice etc.

Another way is to use traditional word of mouth. Informing close family and friends to look for job openings in the career of your choice, but this is definitely a time-taking process with a low probability of success unless one is really lucky. It's always best to look for jobs aggressively, and take matters into your hands, rather than wait passively.

What are the top 5 things to look for in a job?

As a jobseeker when you are approached with a job opening, or you find yourself considering a job offer, keeping the following points in mind before you make a final decision will help:
Benefits and timings - especially if they match the industry standard, and suit your current career plan.
Office culture - this is difficult to find out unless you know any employees already working at this location, but it's vital to know if they're in the same frame of reference as your choice. Eg: if you are a parent, it may not be possible to extend hours regularly, without notice.
THE TEAM - is it a very large team? What will your place in the team be?
PASSION - What sort of employee achievements does the company recognise?
GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES, both within the company and in this field of interest. Mostly related to the chances of promotions available in this particular organisation.
EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES - are there any chances of acquiring new/upgrade to your existing educational qualifications? Or gain new certifications that can help both the organisation and yourself.
COMPANY HISTORY AND STABILITY - has the company seen any period of volatility? Are they ecologically conscious and advanced?

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