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What Should Be The Dress Code For An Interview

What Should Be The Dress Code For An Interview-prathigna.com

2018-05-22      Comments : 0

Preparing yourself mentally for an interview and dressing yourself professionally are two tasks that always go hand-in-hand. It is said that the persons who dress up professionally are often the more successful people in the future. Impress your interviewer with your appearances; show that you are the perfect fit for the organisation. Dress comfortably and be confident before the recruiter. Your outfit reflects your real self even before you utter a single word.

Attire for women
Wear a comfortable dress and limited jewellery with decent footwear. Trim your nails and avoid any gaudy coloured nail polish. Avoid bright coloured outfits and keep it very neutral. Make sure to avoid animal prints, lacy suits, long skirts or a low-cut top. Keep your makeup very minimal and check whether it is neutral to your skin tone. Tie up your hair as a pony tail or any up-do. Appear polished, professional, and present your best to the recruiter.

Attire for men
Professional outfits avoid bright colours and flashy ties; your clothes should be clean, neat and ironed. Be sure to be clean shaven and wear a mild deodorant or perfume. The shoes should be simple, decent and polished well. Avoid suits, unless specified, as it may be inappropriate for this occasion. Don’t smoke or consume alcohol before attending the interview.

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What should I wear to an Interview?

You'll be judged for your appearance in an interview, which is why it's always important to dress appropriately. It is advisable to stick to professional or business attire. For men, this includes full sleeved shirt & tie and formal trousers/shoes. For women, this includes Indian ethnic wear, formal western wear, but no casual clothes & footwear.

Is there a dress code for interviews?

A.Yes, there is, even if it hasn't been specified in any email communication. It is a common practice to be dress simple and yet professionally.
B.In almost all cases, this means for men it's shirt/tie/trouser combination or wearing a suit.
C.For women it is accepted Indian ethnic and formal western wear.
D.Don't wear too strong perfume. Dress smartly, not fashionably.
You are not going to be hired because of your clothes but your performance in the interview.

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