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What Steps Can Help Me Perform Best In Any Interview In 2019

What Steps Can Help Me Perform Best In Any Interview-prathigna.com

2018-05-22      Comments : 0

Attending interviews is like a drama, where you will have to many different roles, to take your career to a successful destination. To perform before the recruiter, there will be nervousness; you will be stressed. Here are few tips which will help you overcome the stress and perform well in the interview. Stay away from the negative aspects and keep your head high to play the game. Stay focussed on your answer and the words that you utter.

1. Before you step into the interview room, keep your thoughts synchronized with your goals.
2. Focus on your skills and body language because it will express your confidence.
3. Rehearse your answers before the interview and keep your mind focused rather than letting it wavering around.
4. Leave your nervousness and recall your achievements and skills that you have accumulated so far.
5. If you find yourself unable to answer, or stuck in your replies, just take a moment to pause and start the answer once again.
6. Wait for the recruiter to complete the question without interruption and then answer confidently.
7. If the recruiter bombards you with a lot of multifaceted questions, just take a deep breath and answer with a good understanding.
8. Stay calm and keep your mind relaxed, as it will help you to focus properly and to answer in a better manner.
9. Pump yourself with high positive thoughts, the interview that you are about to attend is not the only one company on earth. So, face it with confidence
   and a relaxed mind.
10. Keep your mobile on silent or switch it off during the interview as it is distracting to both you and the interviewer.
11. Never answer without thinking logically, stay alert, gather your thoughts and present your answer without any hastiness.
12. Get you involved in the conversation with the recruiter, the interview serves to gauge not only hard skills but also your interpersonal and soft skills.
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"The interview is a critical podium, so train your mind and body language to land yourself your desired job. Stay cool, be confident, pause before answering, think calmly and keep yourself focused to achieve success in an interview. ”




A.Read up on the company, ask smart questions.
B.Dress appropriately, and treat all staff you meet at the interview venue with politeness.
C.Listen to the question before answering, pay attention & take time to think quickly
D.Prepare yourself with a few sample questions, practice with a friend, if needed.
E.Be confident but not overconfident, dont falsify any information

How can I ace an interview?

1.Identify Your brand and stick to it, be humble and smart.
2.Familiarise yourself with the core essence of the job you are applying for.
3.Know the Company, its background and performance.
4.Be prepared with a couple of follow up questions.
5.Practice if possible, to maintain body language and confidence.
6.Stay Positive. Not every job is for you, even if you wanted it.

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