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What Tools Can Help Recruiters In Recruitment Process

What Tools Can Help Recruiters In Recruitment Process-prathigna.com

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The process of hiring or professional recruitment is an exercise in patience, it can become overwhelming for the recruiters unless they are aided by some time-saving, performance improving tools and software. Several excellent technology and tools have been developed to make this a more streamlined and a dependable process. The world of Hiring Technology has been steadily developing and have reduced the cost-per- hire for the recruiting firm. Sites like Ideal.com have come up with some excellent recommendation for the top tools that come in use to recruiters for the hiring process. Even when it is free job posting , the rules are applicable to recruiters creating the content for the job descriptions.

1. AI/Software for screening

2018 saw a leap in the usage of automation tools and is expected to pick up pace in 2019.One of the major challenges recruiters face is that of high volume. To go through so many profiles is a tiresome and time consuming task. To make this easier, some software companies have devised a tool enabled with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to automate screening and saving time for recruiters. Based on your past hiring decisions; integrated with existing ATS (if enabled), automated screening software uses AI to identify eligible candidates. It applies that knowledge to automatically screen, grade, and shortlist best talent. This works with data from job boards, job posting sites, etc. It is estimated that cost-to-hire and time to hire are significantly reduced (some studies say around 70%), which is a success in the short as well as long run.

2. Rediscovering previous candidates

Candidate Rediscovery: A newer concept than others and gaining popularity in the last couple of years,this is the practice of mining existing resumes in the recruiter’s ATS to source prior applicants for a current requirement. Studies estimate that candidate rediscovery is set to gain interest as a tool that allows recruiters to tap into the talent pool that they have already spent previous resources to attract, source, and engage. Applicants who have applied on job search sites can be accessed with their resume.

3.Recruitment Chatbot in places to post jobs for free

Another major feature that is to be seen in 2019 is the continuation of Recruitment chatbots which were introduced to the jobseeker market in 2018 on job boards - places to post jobs for free.As a Resource, a chatbot uses natural language processing to understand text the way a human does. This is in frequent use in free job posting sites, or job boards.By providing real-time, on-demand communication to candidates, the chatbot works to The main functions of a recruitment chatbot is to streamline the top of the funnel. Its functions include answering FAQs about the job, providing feedback and updates, and scheduling a follow up or interview with a human recruiter.One of the biggest trends in 2019 will be candidate experience.A recruitment chatbot holds the potential to massively improve the candidate experience by enabling time-strapped recruiters to provide unlimited and instantaneous, albeit electronic, touch points. Questions on how to post a job or post my job for free are easily answered by a chatbot.

4. Super-targeting job ads

2018 saw the introduction of targeted job descriptions and this trend will continue in the current year (2019) New methods of job ads include re-targeting candidates (e.g., advertising your role to people who’ve visited your company website before) and geo-targeting (e.g., advertising your role to people physically nearby). On job boards, when you post your jobs (whether fresher recruitment or professional recruitment), you can use specific words in the job ads to attract the right eyeballs.

5. Recruitment marketing software

2019 will be the year that candidate experience finally gets its due. A big part of that push will involve recruitment marketing.Recruitment marketing is the application of marketing best practices, such as analytics, multi- channel use, targeted messaging, and tech-enabled automation, to attract, engage, and nurture candidates who haven’t yet applied to a job and converting them into applicants by communicating your employer brand and value.In 2019, recruitment marketing software will be the best tool to create brand awareness of your company and interest in your open roles, attract candidates who self-select themselves into the application process, and keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the recruitment cycle. As recruiters, you are representative of the company, and training in the above software is bound to bring better results to the process of recruitment. Successful hiring involves a lot of factors

What other resources have been popular in the past?

Job Aggregators Job boards and job aggregators are central to the recruiting ecosystem because direct applicants make up nearly half of all hires. A steady growth in the popularity of free job sites for employers and recruiters indicates the current state of this resource. It a good strategy to post on multiple sites to gain more visibility and reach a larger pool of candidates. Most of the various free job
portals found online have a target audience which they cater to and aim the right and relevant job ads to them. The top three job boards on a global scale include Indeed., Career Builder and Google For Jobs.

Human Resource Management Systems are a great example of tools that simply repetitive tasks and are used by almost all organizations as a measure to conserve time and efforts so they can focus more on other important tasks.One website Indian recruitment managers frequently recommend to find a compilation of relevant software is HR Software, which lists a host of various software that come handy for HR managers and a great resource to streamline the entire process of resource management.

Testing & Assessment

According to an Aberdeen research, 57% of companies use pre-hire assessments to test the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other qualifications (KSAOs) of their candidates putting this in high demand. For industries like sales and technology, profiling is a key need that streamlines the hiring process and makes it easier for the recruiter to select the pool of eligible candidates. Not all of the free job advertising sites utilise this resource, it depends on the budget and scope of the recruitment agency.

Recruitment CRMS

As and when the firm progresses and grows in number of employees, the need for a dedicated CRM becomes important in tracking candidates, communication, and the recruiter’s activity. A tool made for CRM makes it easier to report on recruiting data so making decisions is easier.Some of the popular software include TalentRecruit, Qandle, Zoho, Zwayam etc.. More and more local sourcing companies have begun to adapt a few principles of the model mentioned so far. Incorporating resources like Recruitment Marketing, Job Aggregators, make recruiting easier with access to the right job search apps. To post jobs on a free job posting site your best resource is freejobposting.in , where you can connect with the right candidates for your job requirements! Gain resume database access, track and monitor your applications in one space.


Where can recruiters find Candidates?

Some resources where recruiters can connect with candidates include:
1. Post job ads on online job boards.
2. Share job ads and advertise on social media
3. In-house employee referrals
4. Conduct job fairs, attend placement drives
5. Connect with a network of professionals
6. Go to recruiter networking events

How can recruiters improve the recruitment process?

To attract more jobseekers, you can enhance your recruiting process with a few tips:
1.When creating job description, include specific details about job openings & roles. When listing the role highlight job duties, projects & teams the job role will work with.
2.Mention clear industry standard job titles. Make it clear about which role you're hiring for..
3.Talk about your company, work culture briefly & what candidate can expect
4.Don't be ambiguous about the job role, mention keywords & required basic qualifications prominently
5.Train your sourcing staff to be more reactive when pursuing a candidate - offer solutions to problems that come up and show that you care for them and not as mere talent.
6.Conduct regular catch up meets with the rest of the sourcing team to see how they interact with candidates & clients

How to simplify the recruitment process as a hirer?

If you are a recruiter looking to simplify the hiring process, here are a few clear tips :
1.Focus on what the job role needs from the applicant, and what the company is looking for, in the individual.
2.The job description should be written in a simple & uncomplicated Job Description.
3.Applicants should find it easy to apply with a simple process.
4.Spell out clearly what is expected from the candidate.
5.Communicate in a straightforward manner what the candidate can expect from the company.

How can the time to recruit be reduced?

1.Be data-driven - tangible facts in decision making used in making hiring plans
2.Construct and enforce a structured hiring process.
3.Build a database of talent ahead of time, continuously updated/added to.
4.Regularly update & maintain your company's Careers page.
5.Look for faster ways to source candidates, like small scale sourcing agencies
6.Invest in & adapt to a good Application Tracking System (ATS)

What are the must have resources for recruitment teams?

Some of the different resources recruiting teams can use to hire efficiently and successfully:
1.A well made Job Description that outlines the responsibilities and success metrics.
2.Organizational chart which delineates reporting & responsibilities.
3.Staffing plan that anticipates all hiring needs over a long term period (12 months).
4.Salary structure document that is updated regularly according to market trends.
5.Social media is crucial to sharing, advertising and finding prospective talent.
6.Skills tests administered to assess suitability to profile.
7.ATS and recruitment management software for large companies.

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