Connecting recruiters is streamlined

Resume Blast helps you to email your resume to a list of recruiters that have current job openings and the preferred resume is found by the recruiter whose requirement matches your profile. This is the most effective way to speed up your job search and to get the best results.

Resume Blast helps you to

  • » Stand out amongst numerous resumes and draw the recruiter' s attention.
  • » Make your resume available among potential recruiters.
  • » Multiply your chances of getting more job notifications.
  • » Enhance your application by placing your resume in the right hands.

This works in three simple steps

  • 1. Find the set of recruiters- through search
  • 2. Choose the profiles to which the resume needs to be sent.
  • 3. Click on Blast Receive notifications when interested recruiters select your resume.

Service package

  • Buy a package at to speed up your job search and to get the best results
  • Forward your resume

  • Choose the recruiters profile whom you wish to send your resume to.
  • Get hired fast
  • Once you send your resume you will start receiving notifications in no time.