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Why Visual Resume?

Job aspirants get many advantages from the resume builder.
There are several features that make it the best place to start with a Visual CV and enhance your profile.

  • Easy Interface, simple to make
    Simply edit fields to enter your details in resume builder, quickly add content, change resume formats, and alter textual styles. it does not take more than 10 minute, process is user intuitive

  • No Verification needed for Resume Process
    No long process of registering, verification for copy of the visual CV, to download

  • Select from experienced to entry level templates
    Choose from specific CV templates made for each experience level - from entry level to high level professional experience.

  • Easy to download PDF version
    Make PDF resume with Resume builder, As most employers’ preferred resume format, a PDF resume is ideal for applying through careers pages and job boards.


Click on the ICON to start making your resume

Enter all your details in the given fields

Preview to see if you’ve entered all details

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Benefits of buying Visual resume from

Benefits of using a Visual Resume Resume templates stands out

The attractive graphic representation of skills and the colour blocked scheme make it easy to categorise sections - so it’s easily seen and noticed first. Your resume stands out from the rest of the standard layouts with this.

Get “Featured Resume” access on job portal

Users who purchase the premium version get “Featured Resume” status on the job portal - where recruiters can see their resume on the top of their search results.

Our Content experts review

Premium version users will be reviewed by an expert, who will make alterations to grammar, syntax & resume format to make it look very professional. This way you can be sure of an attractive & well written resume.

Boost your job search profile on

With focus on keywords, your skills and requirements of the job can be highlighted - making it easier for recruiters and ATS to scan your resume for select keywords, which make it appear on the top of every search result, on the job portal.


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Presenting your profile efficiently and professionally Access your profile anywhere, anytime, get your own virtual space! Manage your profile, add and edit info. Recruiters can see relevant info at a single glance

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At no extra cost receive soft/hard copy. Unique QR code to scan and land on your virtual space anywhere. Download resume anytime, just scan Special initiative, go paperless

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A job aspirant’s aim is to engage recruiters - so our resume builder with expert review will highlight skills & positions you as a top candidate for any job. ensures your Visual CV stands out so recruiters & top companies can see the potential in you immediately.

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