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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In India For Freshers In 2020

Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In India For Freshers-prathigna.com

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The job market has seen great expansion in the recent years, backed by good governance, increasing demand for newer markets, more driven youth force and India taking up a larger space in the gloac economy. This nation has seen impact from the technology-enabled disruption, which means companies have become far more discerning in terms of hiring, but the second-half of 2020 shows promise in terms of job opportunities.

As per the Experis Employment of Information technology Outlook Survey (EITEOS) report, the IT job market is gradually aligning with the megatrends of evolving technology, and a huge talent shortage can be expected by the year 2021, as a result of around 2 lakh jobs added in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

The study that reflects employing sentiments of Indian Information technology professionals in both IT, non-IT organisations noted that IT services firms will remain the biggest employers of tech talent with an employment outlook of 21.61 per cent, while non-IT organisations while non-IT organisations expressed hiring intentions with an employment outlook of 13 per cent.
With this outlook for the employment sector, what should a student who is looking to start a graduate degree for their desired career look for? One major factor is going by the starting salary of certain top sectors, which would give you a fair idea of what occupation to select, when you are still making up your mind about your specialization.

Top Highest Paid Jobs in India for Freshers:

Software Developer

Software developers and full-stack developers are estimated to earn one of the highest salaries as freshers in India. However, this depends on key factors like the employer and location of job.
A freshly graduated software engineer with can expect to earn 3.6 lakh rupees per year on average but can also go up to 10 lakh per year.
A lot of factors affect the compensation, such as skill level and familiarity with the latest technologies and the market requirements.

Machine Learning Expert

The rapid growth in AI has indicated that nearly 2.3 million job postings have been created in Machine Learning. A machine learning Engineer is a professional responsible for both training and creating data models. The average starting salary for machine learning engineers is seen around Rs. 5 lakh per annum, which can increase a lot more with better skills and experience.
Skills looked for in a Machine Learning Engineer:

  • Fundamental knowledge of programming
  • Good rapport with probability and statistics
  • Knowledge about in Data Modelling and Evaluation


Lawyers are among the highest-earning jobs in India, but pay is largely determined by your qualifications and domain of expertise. Corporate lawyers can expect to earn an average of 4.3 lakh per year when they begin.

Law degrees from a reputed law school can fetch a higher pay, with new opportunities opening up in fields like Cyber Law etc.

Merchant Navy Professional

Merchant Navy is consistently among the higher paying jobs in India. The pay structure in this field is not evenly distributed, depending on the company & the location, the type of seafaring vessel & the seniority & rank of the joinee. It can range from 4.5 lakh for those at the first level to even 70 lakh per annum for senior officers.
With such high potential for a high salary and incidental perks, the merchant navy is turning out to be one of the most lucrative fields for freshers.

Data Scientist

Demand for Data scientists has risen rapidly as it becomes one of the fastest-growing sectors recently. The average salary of entry-level data scientists is Rs. 5 lakh per annum, though like other tech jobs pay depends on location and employer.
Data science professionals in cities like Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai tend to earn the highest.


Fresher doctors can expect to start their career with 5 lakhs per annum, going up to 12 lakh per year depending on specialisation. Highly skilled ones cardiologist or orthopedic surgeon, can easily earn around 18 lakh per year.
This career will always see a high demand in society, so the growth prospects in this field are very encouraging too.

Commercial Pilot

Becoming a commercial pilot is rightly one of the most dreamt of jobs, both because of the thrill and the high pay. Jobs in the aviation sector for freshers can bring upto 15 lakh per year, with a stipend during the training period as well.
The training is rigorous & expensive on the other hand, and requires you to have 200 hours of flying time in addition to thorough ground training.

Civil Services Officer
One of the most respected careers among the youth, civil services offer attractive salaries to the freshers, starting at around 6.5 lakhs per annum, and the additional perks and benefits make it very enviable.
It needs the candidate to crack the UPSC exam, which is considered one of the toughest exams in the world to enter this field.
This sector is filled with a variety of options such as the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), etc, IFS etc.

Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountants will always be demand due to the nature of their expertise and role. Freshers can expect to begin with a starting package of around 6.7 lakh per year.
Salary also depends on the employer and the candidate's own skills you have. Passing the CA entrance exam is one of the toughest tasks, so the process isn't easy, but once secured, it is a great occupation.
With a mean average of around Rs. 3.5-4.0 lakhs per annum, there are several sectors that offer freshers a career opportunity-like App Developer, Business Analyst, Database Architects, Investment Banking, etc.

It is important to remember to focus on developing the right skills, making a decision much earlier on, even before choosing with graduate degree to pursue.

The number of highest salary jobs in India has risen considerably in the recent years, there is no scaricity of opportunity, given the right kind of preparation.
Get that head start on the career of your choice, and when the right time arrives, make the best possible resume for yourself so you can attract the attention of the right recruiters.
At prathigna.com, we take care of the job search part of your career path, with job openings across all sectors available on our job portal, and key resources like Resume Writing, Interview Guide, and other industry news that help you secure your dream job. Be sure to check out the rest of our website to find what you're looking for!


What is the highest paid job in India?

Any job can earn highly when you are experienced enough. For freshers, to look in a high paying career is an essential exercise, one they must start before their education. So here is a list of top 3 jobs that pay well, right from the start.
1. Chartered Accountants is currently the highest paid job for freshers. Salaries start from 6.5 lakhs annually, going up to 15 lakhs for more experienced members!
2. UPSC officers starting from annual pay of 6.5 L-12 L, civil services also has very high salaries.
3. Commercial pilots (starting from 5L onwards, annually)

All of these professions require higher education and examinations that can cost a lot, with intense preparation, so start planning right from school!

What are some new jobs of 2020?

The following professions have seen and expect to see increased hiring in 2020 and onwards:

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning
  • AI based Robotics Engineering

These are expected to attract a lot of attention in 2020, with high paying jobs and good future potential. Number of jobs are set to increase in their sectors, and experts see a good performance in the same.

What jobs get paid well in India?

Some of the jobs are what our parents used to expect everyone to study-doctors, lawyers, engineers. But with the economy improving, opportunities are opening up in sectors so far under the radar. Professions are not limited to the usual engineering, medical fields now.
1. Investment banking
2. Data science
3. Machine learning
4. Digital Marketing
5. Sectors like Healthcare and Software Development are seeing good recruitment and increasing demand in the current scenario.

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